Fight that 3pm Fatigue with these Foods

Fight that 3pm Fatigue with these Foods

Do you find that when 3pm rolls around you are feeling super fatigued and a little out of it? Don't worry, you're not alone here. Many factors can contribute to this such as how well you slept the night before, how anxious you are feeling (you may be running on adrenaline) and also what foods you are consuming and how they are influencing your blood sugar levels.

Our bodies rely on glucose as their main source of energy to help carry out normal bodily functions, which is why it’s super important to pay attention to what we put on our plates. Ensuring your diet is made up of a good balance of the following will give you the best chance of boosting energy and fighting fatigue: fibre, low carb, low GI carbs, protein, healthy fats and H20. The following 5 foods can support you when you feel that 3pm slump creeping in.

A Matcha latte is great to fight fatigue. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids that our body loves. It contains a small amount of caffeine but it has a much more gentle effect compared to coffee and won’t leave you with the jitters. The perfect little pick-me-up.

Raw Nut & Seed Mixes
Nuts and seeds are a great snack option when you need a boost in energy. They provide a slow burn of energy, and healthy fats and will keep you fuller for longer. A super easy and nutritious desk snack to have on the go. I love to aim for almonds, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts.

A Good Quality Protein Shake
Protein is an essential macronutrient that we require in large amounts to sustain energy and feel our best. When you begin to feel sluggish, reach for a protein shake. It will boost your energy and provide your body with a range of nutrients.

These superfood herbs will give you a super boost in your energy levels. They assist the body with oxygen flow and blood flow which supports energy and stamina. They can also support a healthy libido.

Cacao & Rolled Oats
This duo is the perfect match for supporting healthy energy levels and fighting fatigue. Cacao contains small amounts of caffeine and magnesium to support energy and oats are super rich in fibre, a great source of complex carbohydrates (which is the body’s main source of energy), and contains B vitamins to support the body with energy metabolism.

These foods can all be found at your local health food stores and a good local grocer.
Keep track of your nutritional choices, energy and anxiety levels in the Good Day Journal. Your bestie when it comes to making aligned choices to support your overall well-being. 
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