Boost Confidence, Achieve Goals & Calm Anxiety with Journaling

Boost Confidence, Achieve Goals & Calm Anxiety with Journaling

Journaling has so many amazing benefits on your mental health and well-being including improved mental clarity, focus, and memory. It’s a brilliant way to track and achieve your goals as it will keep you accountable. Journaling has amazing benefits on reducing and managing anxiety and can help you to connect to yourself and others better. It is the simplest tool that you can do anywhere, anytime that has big results on how you are thinking and what you are feeling. 

How journaling can help anxiety is that it is a simple yet effective way to take those anxious thoughts and put them to paper. It’s a way for you to get out of your head for a little while and release those emotions. The reason why it is so effective when it comes to anxious thoughts is that when these thoughts and emotions are on paper and out of your head they are really not as bad, stressful or scary as you may be making them out to be. Sometimes seeing things in black and white is a way for you to see things clearly. It is a great way for you to help manage your anxiety better by being able to recognise, understand and break down your triggers, thoughts and fears and then actually prioritise what may or may not be worth your concern. Once you are able to understand WHY you may be feeling a certain way and what set you off, you are then more likely to actually do something about them and manage those emotions better. 

A study has actually suggested that writing about a past negative situation that may be causing you stress and anxiety (for example let’s say a bad breakup or failure) actually resulted in positive emotions and performance improvements. They found that writing about a past negative situation may be related to altered neural processing in the mid-cingulate cortex. An area of the brain that is crucial to processing negative emotions. Now, in the Good Day Journal, I have dedicated areas to help you understand what may be triggering you, what sparks joy and daily anxiety check ins to help you really understand your emotions and help you process them. The write it burn it & let it go note-book has also been designed to help you release the old and welcome the new. Check them out HERE. 

Did you know you are actually 42% more likely to achieve a goal that you regularly write down? Journaling about a goal or intention not only helps you to stay accountable but it allows you to track the progress of your goal that you have made. This is why in the Good Day Journal I have added daily checkpoints, goal-setting sections and monthly reflection pages to help keep you on track. You can also look at it as a form of manifestation as you are able to clearly envision the goal and outcome as you write about it. This can be a powerful form of manifesting and may even speed up the outcome if you work hard enough and write out it often enough. Think about it like this, how many times have you said to yourself “My goal is to lose 5kg” and maybe plan it out in your head? That goal probably isn’t going to stick. But if you get out your journal and write down “My goal is to lose 5kg” and then you spend time writing about why, how, when and even planning out smaller goals to help you achieve that bigger goal, you are pretty likely to achieve it. So if there is something you want in life, journal about it and you’ll make it happen.

I am a big believer in the fact that journalling really helps you to build confidence. How it does this is by frequently writing about yourself, your life, your goals, plans and emotions you really get to know yourself on a deeper level and you can begin to build trust and confidence within yourself. It’s so easy in life to get thrown so many different ways but journaling helps you to stay grounded and keeps your feet firmly on the ground. It teaches you to constantly check in with yourself and know who you are and what your boundaries are. Self-care baby! It’s important and it matters because you matter that’s why making an effort daily to do a form of mindfulness and self-care such as journaling is a step in the right direction when it comes to healing and building confidence within yourself. 

If this post hasn't convinced you to grab yourself a Good Day Journal and get going with your daily journal practice, I don't know what will. Confidence, achieving your goals and a calmer mind all sounds pretty amazing to me! So what are you waiting for? Get started today! 

Love always, 
Malissa xox 
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