12 Days of Christmas Recipes 🎄 Grilled Prawn & Mango Salsa Cups

12 Days of Christmas Recipes 🎄 Grilled Prawn & Mango Salsa Cups

Today’s recipe is the starter you want to share around your Christmas table. What is Christmas Day without prawns?! They are so yummy and a must have Aussie Christmas essential! These grilled prawns come with a vibrant salsa and served in lettuce cups to make them easy to eat!

Regardless if it's Christmas or not, this is a recipe that should be enjoyed all summer long. It is rich in so many wholesome ingredients that cab boost your mood and leaver you feeling great! It's light, fresh and delicious. The recipe is below, however, adjust quantities depending on how many people you are serving and how many lettuce cups you want to make. 


Grilled Prawn & Mango Salsa Cups
Serves 6 | 20mins

🎄 12 Large Prawns
🎄 drizzle EVOO
🎄 chopped parsley
🎄 chopped garlic
🎄1 tsp chilli powder
🎄zest 1/2 lemon
🎄 1 tsp honey
🎄Salt & black pepper

- Marinate and allow to sit for at least 30 mins. The longer the better. Best grilled on BBQ but I cooked them in my skillet. Approx.2 mins each side.

🎄Red onion
🎄red chilli
🎄EVOO, Lime Juice, S&P

- Dice all the ingredients and mix together in a bowl.

🎄 1 baby cos lettuce, leaves washed and dried.

To serve simply add a spoonful of the salsa into each lettuce leaf and top with 1 or two prawns. ENJOY!

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